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27.04.2009 - 08:41 zP! LAN in Enschede

Die Anmeldungen zur zP! LAN laufen bereits seit 2 Tagen, bis auf Deutschland insular und Deutschland Gallica.LAN haben sich noch keine Deutschen Teams eingeschrieben. Um euch, der deutschen Community diese etwas näher zu bringen habe ich ein Interview mit dem Hauptverantwortlichen der LAN, Schweden Calle "APaX" Stern, geführt.
dodszene.de: Hi Apax nice that you have some time for me and the German DoD:S Community.
APaX: You're welcome, I always have time for this community.
dodszene.de: So what was the main idea to create such a big Event?
APaX: Well, ever since me and Jeroen (4nkor) started to talk about joining an organization together, and eventually restarting zP!, we had the idea about a LAN event in our mind. I've arranged several before with other gamecenters (Playz, Ownage) in Stockholm but this time I/we wanted to do something completely on our own.
We felt the time was right to do something like this now for and with the DODS community and we hope that the community will join us in our efforts to create something big and a bit different from all the BYOC LANs out there.
dodszene.de: Why did the zP! staff choose Enschede and the wzzrds center?
APaX: First of all Netherlands was choosen because it's a fairly neutral location to have an European LAN at. Why we went with the WZZRD's gamecenter in Enschede is because that's were we got the best offer and because it's already a proven location to hold LANs like these at.
dodszene.de: Was it hard to get in touch with the organisators of the wzzrds center?
APaX: No, once we decided to have the LAN in the Netherlands it was quite easy to find suitable locations. Since Jeroen lives there he had meetings with a few different gamecenters and we eventually went with what we believe is the best gamecenter out there in Netherlands, atleast for an event like this.
dodszene.de: How many teams will get a spot in the tournament?
APaX: Right now we have set the limit to 24 teams, simply because we don't know what to expect from the community. We do however have the opportunity to change the limit and our dream would be to have 32 teams for this event.
dodszene.de: When exactly will this event start?
APaX: During the evening on the 28th August. As for the time it's not set yet but we have the gamecenter from around 5PM. We will post a more detailed schedule closer to the actual LAN.
dodszene.de: Will there only be a 6o6 tournament or some "extra" tournaments too?
APaX: We will see, we have some aces in our sleeves that might come to use. It all, basically, depends on the number of teams coming. The more teams that comes the more it will motivate us to do "extra" things.
dodszene.de: Do you think that this LAN will change the community a little bit?
APaX: We hope that something good will come out of this. We both felt that the Source community needed a LAN event which was more open to everyone than most of the BYOC LANs today are, since basically all of them are located in France. Without having to drag your computer half way accross Europe and with an easily accessable location we think we have found the perfect match. Now it's up for the community to do their part.

In zeroPoint! we have always tried to do what we thought was best for the DOD/DODS community and right now we feel that this is pretty much the last chance for the DODS community to prove that they are willing to go to LANs if the game should ever have a chance to grow and become something more than just another online game.
dodszene.de: Ok, is there something else you want to tell us from your side?
APaX: Like I mentioned before we see this as possibly the last chance for the DODS community to prove to us and especially themselves that it is worth it to have LANs for this game. We hope to have a good turnout and if we get that, we can promise you more events like this.

I would also like to thanks Jeroen for all his hard working on location in Netherlands and thanks to WZZRD's Enschede for this opportunity. Remember to check zpgaming.eu a once in a while as it's there we will post updates regarding this LAN once we have any.
dodszene.de: So thanks again for your time, we´ll see you @ LAN.
APaX: Thanks and I hope to see most of you there.
Hier noch einmal die wichtigsten Daten zusammegefasst:
LAN Datum & Zeiten:
28.-30.  August
Freitag - 17.00 - 23.00
Samstag - 09.00 - 01.00
Sonntag - 09.00 - 17.00
WZZRD Enschede/Cinestar
Colosseum 60
7500 BC Enschede, Niederlande
Tel: +31 53 8504759
24 Teams, wobei die Anzahl bei großer
Nachfrage auf 32
aufgestockt wird
Pro Spieler: 35€
Pro Team: 210€

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inspire da

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ka bin 20

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pwnstr goes flame? :/

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also mir ist es wurst ich bin bis dahin 20 und brauch sowas net ^^

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dA Gaming is auch fast deutsch, 4 spieler immerhin ;>

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Gallica is auch nich ganz deutsch, aber es reden alle deutsch :P steuner halt nur gebrochen^^

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Lucror Alte Herren sind angemeldet... lu: ap,pivo,anger,bizzl,crusi,wdy

cu there ;)

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lanken wird definitiv vor ort sein und die lan gewinnen.

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omg ap :DD

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#18 ja irgendwer muss ja den skill nach unten ziehn ^^

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immerhin gibts dann mehr preisgeld :P

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